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nCHREM, Lund University

The national Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy. Institute for Chemistry, Lund University.

Director: Prof. Reine Wallenberg

ARTEMI manager:  Crispin Hetherington

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a) Research areas: We apply fundamental materials science in Nanostructured materials. We have a strong collaboration with the nanometer Structure Consortium at LU (nmC@LU), the Lund Nano Lab and MAX-lab. Example areas are: • semiconductor nanowires for high-brightness LED:s and solar cells • Metallic and oxide nanoparticles for catalysis and seeding of nanowires. • nano-safety • novel materials for solid oxide fuel cells (proton conducting) for sustainable energy • synthetic bone replacement materials and apatite formation in dialysis equipment. • We support in-house groups in e.g. Food science, Physical Chemistry (colloidal systems) and Chemical Physics (Dye-sensitized solar cells).

b) Strongpoint areas  We apply electron microscopy with a broad approach, spanning over alloys, semiconductors, as well as biological and inorganic materials. We have a full biological specimen preparation lab, with cryo plunging and ultramicrotomes, which we also use in Materials science. We have a strong tradition in: • Environmental TEM for observing: growth of semiconductor nanowires, catalyst behaviour, combustion of soot, etc.  • Cryo microscopy of liquid and liquid/solid systems • Recording of real-time dynamic atomic scale events.


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