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Uppsala: EMG

Electron Microscopy Group, The Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University.

Director: Prof. Klaus Leifer.

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a) Research areas: The electron microscopy activity focuses on highest resolution and physical property measurements on nanomaterials and at interfaces. The most common physical and chemical materials analysed in the transmission electron microscopes are magnetic materials, tribological materials, graphene, biomaterials as well as heteromaterials with novel hard/soft materials interfaces. In the development of novel electron microscopy techniques, we have intense project collaborations within EU-FP7 projects, with colleagues from various electron microscopy laboratories in Sweden as well as focused efforts in international collaborations. Locally, the electron microscopy activity is connected to efforts in the area of life-science and energy materials.

b) Strongpoint areas

The electron microscopy activity spans over a broad range of materials. Over the past years, we have developed:

• A quantitative technique of EMCD and shown that orbital and spin magnetic moments can be quantitatively analysed as well as magnetic moment real-space maps can be obtained with resolutions in the nanometer range.

• Focused ion beam techniques and analytical techniques in the TEM were developed to observe tribological interfaces with down to atomic resolution.

• Electron microscopy techniques for the characterization of hard/soft matter interfaces, i.e. to detect nanoparticle functionalisation of DNA and ionic charging of functionalized nano-cellulose.

We have collaborations with microscopy centers in Europe and the US.

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